Friday, October 31, 2008


I guess that the Trust either expects a humongous crowd of angry people, or it hopes that parking will discourage some of us from attending, but the last chance for the public to sound off is November 13, 6:30 P.M., at Saint Mary's Conference Center, 1111 Gough Street. Some parking in the Cathedral lot off Gough and more at the Japanese Cultural Center. Be there with a very short statement to the point of what you want to happen or, better, what bad information or lack of information bothers you, or how the whole process may be illegal or at least procedurally hard to understand.

It Gets Curiouser and Curiouser

We expected an authoritative analysis of the damage a large art museum would do to the Presidio as a National Historic Landmark. That may still happen, but what we did get was a series of presentations by the Trust to the people working on behalf of the public who are concerned about keeping the Presidio protected as a National Historic Landmark. The Trust, after consultation with the Park Service experts (Why didn't that happen two years ago and save us all this grief?) is proposing a large structure or structures for Fisher's contemporary art museum uphill from the site of the bowling alley and across Moraga Street. The details of what that structure or structures might look like are up in the air. My first reaction is, "Oops, that area is 28 feet higher than Main Parade!" "Wouldn't a large art museum there tower over the heart of the historic Presidio even more than it would at the earlier proposed site at the head if the parade ground?" We don't know enough to sound the alarm, but we do know that the suggested site for CAMP is the only possible site on Main Post for a major history center. CAMP at this new location would crowd out the possibility of a first class history center on the Presidio. Stay tuned.

Friday, October 10, 2008

New Article on the Presidio

Everyone should read this article that explains the current battle for the historic soul of the Presidio:  See the article at

Strong Opposition to CAMP Grows: NEW SCHEDULE

First, the new schedule is for a public hearing to be held by the Trust Board on Nov 13. This replaces the meeting that was scheduled for Oct. 10 because the official report on the damage that CAMP would do to the Presidio's historic integrity is not due until October 18.  The Trust will need time to adjust to what we expect will be a damning indictment. It is very important that this meeting be crowded with friends of the Presidio as a historical park, The Fisher people are organizing art students and collecting IOU's from organizations which have benefitted from Fisher's donations  to pack the crowd. Be there to represent the people.

Second, the final date for submitting comments was changed to Nov. 17. Numbers and the quality of letters count.