Friday, November 30, 2007

Critical Meeting Monday, Dec 3, 6:30 p.m., Officers Club

Okay, folks, you have been great. 27 spoke at the November 28 meeting. NO ONE spoke against, and many spoke for, a history museum on the Main Parade grounds of the Presidio.

Now, we are on the home stretch: yet another meeting is on Monday to learn about, compare, and get your comments of the merits or problems of a contemporary art museum and/or a history center proposed for the Parade Ground - where the nonhistoric bowling alley is now. You will make up your own mind, but think of which proposal fits the site best and will be less intrusive into the historic landscape. Consider which offers the greatest public benefit to the broadest cross-section of park visitors. Ask yourself which best fills the purposes of a unique National Historic Landmark District, a fully paid for contemporary art museum, or the History Center at the Golden Gate that will take years to negotiate and find the necessary donors.

Whatever your decision, it should not be based on financial gain for the Presidio Trust. This particular location is too central to the historic district for mere commercial exploitation. A large insitution at the proposed site will dramatically affect the "integrity" of the entire historic heart of the Presidio. A decison based on financial expediency now cannot be undone. This choice will shape the Presidio's identity as a national park forever.

I think that there are other, more suitable and better sites for a large contemporary art museum on the Presidio.

Your grumbling, your concerns, will make no difference unless you show up and speak. A well financed and influential personal project can overwhelm a silent public. The only remaining chance to input will be a letter to the Presidio Trust by December 15.

See you there Monday evening!

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