Saturday, March 29, 2008

New York Times Chimes in on Challenge at the Presidio

The Sunday, March 30, New York Times has an excellent article that accurately and forcefully outlines the fundamental issues and personalities concerning a proposed 100,000 square foot art museum in the historic center of the National Landmark.

We do not yet have permission to post the full article. Go the the New York Times website. You can easily find it. You may have to register. The author is Patricia Brown. The title is "Art and History Clash on City's Sacred Ground."

We think having the national newspaper of record recognize this situation for what it is will focus a bright light on the abuse that is developing at the Presidio where an unelected board of business people is trying to force an inappropriate and possibly illegal privately managed personal art museum into the center of historic grounds owned by the people of the city and the nation. 

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