Thursday, June 26, 2008

Well, Maybe Not Quite So Big--Preparing for July 14 Public Hearing

My math enabled friends pointed out that I had omitted considering the fact that most of the CAMP (contemporary art museum at the Presidio) is two stories. So, working only from the text description in the draft EIS just released and from the rough schematic of the ground level with its scale, it works out that maybe it is not as big as 93,000 refrigerators. Is only 45, 555 refrigerators stacked up small enough that it won't make a difference to the "sense of place" of a 230 year old National Historic Landmark?  You decide. It still is far, far larger than the nearby buildings.

Watch the Presidio Association website for our first analysis of the draft SEIS that is supposed to be discussed by the public on July 14. We plan to have some key points for  your consideration posted on July 7. Wading through 318 pages of distortions, omissions, and ambiguities is not easy. We hope that you are trying to read the study, nevertheless.

 Do not base your opinion on the slick P.R. materials that have been issued. A brochure with a historic picture of soldiers in front of a 1902 barracks on the cover from that says we will bring back history by building a large contemporary art museum and a big hotel in front of those barracks. This does not pass the test of common sense. 

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