Friday, November 7, 2008


For the second time, the Trust has changed the date of the big public meeting. Could it be that they do not want 700 more angry citizens objecting in front of the press to the wild plans to fit a huge contemporary art museum into the heart of a 230 year old National Historic Site and a National Park? The new date is December 9, but keep checking- a lot is happening behind the scenes.The Trust staff and Board of Directors are feeling heat from you, the public, and from national official preservation authorities.

Please keep e-mails and letters to the Trust flowing in. You may write more than once if you have a new idea or another specific objection. Go to the Trust website and look at the documents. The Main Post Update has screwy statements of need: what really is the need for a contemporary art museum and hotel? It has design guidelines to control building that are specific to Fisher's art museum. Do you object to those guidelines, and why? Pick an item or two that really bugs you from the Main Post Update and then write your concerns. Be specific and cite the page number that you are objecting to.

The tide is turning!

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