Thursday, August 14, 2008

Answers to Comments: Museums and Bowling Alleys

There was another bowling alley on the Presidio near Fort Scott, up near the Bridge. I believe that it had to be torn down because the building was in bad shape.

Yes, for years the Army operated a museum in a turn of the century hospital building. It actually was started by the Presidio Historical Association. After the Park Service took over, it was allowed to deteriorate until finally the NPS closed it due to poor access for handicapped  persons, no elevator, and the need for major building repairs.  It was popular with many people and school teachers, but too small to meet the needs of the Presidio. The National Park Service does not have the money or staff to operate a fully developed museum. The Presidio Historical Association has proposed a substantial museum to be established by a separate public nonprofit foundation, but with participation by the Park Service and the Presidio Trust. This vision would require a large sum of donor support. Until now, there has been little cooperation between the Trust and NPS concerning programs for the public or willingness to consider a third presence on the presidio to operate a museum. 

 We hope that the current debate about what the Presidio should be will reawaken and motivate new cooperation and new forms of solutions to create an important learning center to present America's history at the Presidio

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